Mobile Care Unit

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the temporary closure of the two sites at which this ministry serves, the MCU is currently inoperative.


The MCU is a travelling team who provides basic medical care and social services to homeless and vulnerable people in our neighbourhood who may face barriers to care. The team is comprised of doctors, medical students, social work students, and Neighbourhood Ministry volunteers. The team visits two sites 4 times per month, sites where homeless and needy neighbours gather for community meals. Volunteers assist in any way they can to help clients access resources and services available.

The MCU has a medical services and a social services component. Our medical team is comprised of a doctor, residents and a number of supervised medical students, and offers basic medical services (wound care, diagnosis, preventative care, assistance with disability applications, and referrals for long term or specialty care). The inclusion of students in the MCU is integral to the long-term aims of the Neighbourhood Ministry, as it helps prepare the next generation to show compassion and justice for all humankind.

Our social services team is comprised of church volunteers and supervised students from the School of Social Work, all of whom receive ongoing training in the range of services available and how to access them. Their services include helping obtain birth certificates and other ID, and completing applications for housing, income assistance, Persons with Disabilities, and old-age benefits.

The Neighbourhood Ministry has ‘angels’ to help support the people we serve. Volunteer angels are paired with clients who require extra support in accessing services for which they are eligible. Angels play a significant role in supplementing services done by the Mobile Care Unit and others identified by Street Outreach teams, working behind the scenes to advocate for and assist clients.