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The Westside Anglicans Neighbourhood Ministry (WANM) is a collaborative effort of four Westside Anglican parishes (St. Anselm’s, St. Helen’s, St. John’s Shaughnessy and St. Philip’s), all under the Diocese of New Westminster:

WANM operates under the umbrella of St. Philip’s Anglican Church and is blessed with enthusiastic volunteers from all four westside parishes and throughout the neighbourhood, who offer their time, skill and compassion to serve the homeless.

Board of Management

St. Anselm’s: Rev’d Alex Wilson, Co-Chair; Shirin Theophilus, Parish Liaison

St. John’s Shaughnessy: Interim Priest, Rev’d. Elizabeth Ruder-Celiz; Joan Stewart, Co-Chair & Parish Liaison

St. Helen’s: Interim Priest, Rev’d. Liz Hamel; Bryan Henderson, Parish Liaison

St. Philip’s: Rev’d Lorne Manweiler; Rhona Thornton, Parish Liaison

Indoor Team Coordinators                             

St. Anselm’s: Shirin Theophilus, Marian Slater

St. Helen’s: Sean Cummings

St. John’s Shaughnessy : Ken Pepin

St. Philip’s:  Suzi Noetzel

Street Outreach: Mary Lymburner, Scheduling Coordinator

Street Team Captains 

Team 1: Peg Gabor

Team 2: Jane Davis

Team 3: Rhona Thornton

Team 4: Mary Lymburner

Mobile Care Unit Team Leads

Kitsilano Shower’s Program:

Joan Stewart

St. Augustine’s Anglican Church:

Joan Stewart, Suzi Noetzel, Connie McLaren

Mobile Care Unit Supervisors

Medical: Dr. Stephanie Chu, UBC Family Practice

Social Work: Joan Stewart

Dunbar Apartments Liaison:

Joan Stewart