Homelessness Action Week: October 13 – 19, 2019

Homelessness Action Week (HAW) is organized by the the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Council of Community Homelessness Tables. This coalition of both grassroots community groups and various levels of government groups aim is to raise awareness  and understanding of, and find solutions to, homelessness in our communities.

The most recent Homeless Count, taken on March 13, 2019, identified 2,233 persons as Homeless in Vancouver. The Homelessness Services department of the City of Vancouver presented the results of the count to Vancouver City Council on June 12.

To learn more about the Homeless Count, or to view past Counts, please visit:

The Rev’d Potter spoke at St. Philip’s on Sunday, September 29 about the work and mission of the Neighbourhood Minsitry.


A Belated Welcome: Marpole’s Modular Housing Experiment

CBC’s Nadia Jannif’s article about the Modular Housing complex which was established in Marpole over one year ago highlights the shifting opinions of the neighbours. A resident recalls “the community protests on the news, watching dozens of people gather holding signs opposing housing for residents like himself. He says it made him feel like a second class citizen. But now, he feels the community has accepted him and the other modular residents”.