Epiphany Open House

Let There Be Light!

All are invited to an Epiphany Open House at St. Anselm’s from 11 am – 1 pm on Jan 4th. Donations of Canned Food are welcome, with a bring and share party. We might even have some carol singing!

This gathering is meant to ensure that our vulnerable neighbours are not forgotten after Christmas, and also to enable the Neighbourhood Ministry community to come together in fellowship with our collections.


Looking to Volunteer?

The Neighbourhood Ministry is looking for volunteers. We are currently looking for volunteers to participate in our street visits. This job involves 3 hours work on a Saturday morning once a month, though there is some flexibility such that if a volunteer can’t always make it for their assigned shift it is not a problem. Three hours of training are required for this position. If you would like to attend the training to learn more about the programme you would be very welcome; you wouldn’t need to commit to volunteering. If you are interested please email or telephone Beth Vondette at 604-312-1241 or