What do volunteers do for each of the sectors of the Neighbourhood Ministry?

  • For Street Outreach, volunteers are divided into ‘teams’ to go out and deliver packets to those who live on the streets of the Westside. Volunteers play an integral part in building community and rapport with the homeless population that we serve
  • For the Dunbar Apartments, volunteers help serve meals and provide community support.
  • For the Mobile Care Unit, volunteers assist in completing applications that individuals may need to fill out to, research the answers to questions people might have, connect people to services like legal clinics, tax clinics, etc., and provide basic medical care and medical referrals.

Can anyone volunteer?

  • Yes! We welcome all volunteers! There are numerous opportunities to volunteer as well and as frequently as you wish. Some volunteer activities require training, which is provided.

What is the training process like?

  • Each volunteer position with the Neighbourhood Ministry is quite unique. From going out to the streets and meeting people to helping those who are already housed, we provide training for our volunteers at least twice per year.  New volunteers are always paired with seasoned volunteers.

Who funds the Neighbourhood Ministry?

  • The four core churches fund Neighbourhood Ministry activities, offering financial and in-kind donations. The Neighbourhood Ministry has also received funding through the Diocese of New Westminster care+share program. In 2020, the Neighbourhood Ministry received a grant from the City of Vancouver, for details on this visit the News section of this website.

How do I contribute financially?

  • We truly appreciate all financial donations. These play an integral part to keeping our services alive and well in the community. We kindly ask that you visit our webpage: donate. There is more information regarding giving back on that page.