Neighbourhood Ministry Food and Clothing Drive Delivers

By Beth Vondette 

A Westside Anglicans Neighbourhood Ministry volunteer dropped off all the clothing donations received by St. Philip’s and St. John’s Shaughnessy yesterday (approximately 13 “bags”). There was 1 purple rolling suitcase (carry-on sized) and 1 backpack donated amongst the bags, which were gratefully received. We anticipate the majority of the clothing donated were womens’ clothes. The shoes were also primarily women’s shoes/boots. Going forward, we ask that the clothing donations be primarily men’s clothing.
Another volunteer delivered the entire inventory of the food donations amassed over the past 2 weeks from the St. Philip’s and St. John’s Shaughnessy sites to both Kits Cares and St. Augustine’s Marpole. The volunteer took photos from the delivery to one of the two food delivery sites.

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