COVID contemplations that provide a balm for the spirit

By Joan Stewart                               

The Westside Anglicans Neighbourhood Ministry’s (WANM) retired deacon and clergy lead the Reverend Dr. Pitman Potter has prepared a timely new book of contemplation and reflection, which is being used as a fundraiser for the WANM.

Entitled Fever Dreams: Contemplating Corona Virus, the book presents 52 spiritual texts selected from Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions, as well as poetic and lyrical voices.

Each selected text is accompanied by suggestions for quiet contemplation, through which readers are invited to engage in Lectio Divina (a traditional monastic practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with, and increased knowledge of, God’s word), and to consider the meaning and application of the texts in their lives.

The selections are divided into four groups, according to the meteorological (not astronomical) seasons of the year for Canada: Spring (March-May, a time of awakening); Summer (June-August, a time of growth); Fall (September-November, a time of labour); and Winter (December-February, a time of expectancy).

Each contemplative text is supported by an accompanying photograph selected from Pitman’s personal archive and published for the first time.

Readers are invited to engage with one selection each week, beginning on the week of the season when they first encounter this book, or on the first week of the ensuing season. A handy “Notes” section also allows readers to record their contemplations.

To obtain your own copy for a suggested donation of $20—the entirety of which will go to the Neighbourhood Ministry, as Pitman has provided the publication pro bono—please contact or a WANM liaison from one of the following parishes:

St. Anselm’s Anglican Church, Shirin Theophilus:  

St. Helen’s Anglican Church, Bryan Henderson: 

St. John’s Shaughnessy Anglican Church, Joan Stewart:

St. Philip’s Anglican Church, Rhona Thornton:


Fever Dreams: Contemplating Corona Virus

  • Presented by the Rev’d Dr. Pitman B. Potter   
  • Published by Pro Bono Publicum
  • Softcover, spiral bound, 123 pages with colour photographs



“Thank you, Pitman, for this beautiful book of wisdom and faith. You have interwoven the sayings and poems from so many world religious sources to bring into focus the pandemic situation that we all are living in at this moment. It also allows one to go deeper and ponder on our own faith journeys in the light of another religious tradition and to realize that the source of all is ‘I AM’.”—ST

“I have read the entire publication and feel blessed to have done so. This is a wonderful resource for everyone’s life journey, and I would be more than pleased to promote and distribute it to others. Thank you for always having the Neighbourhood Ministry in mind and using your incredible gifts to support those we serve in this ministry.”—JS

“Thanks so much, Pitman. This is a beautiful book.”—RT

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