Building community at Dunbar Apartments BC Day BBQ Seasonal Event

Neighbourhood Ministry (NM) volunteers help build community at the Supportive Housing apartments at 17thand Dunbar.NM Pix

Dunbar Apartments offers housing to formerly homeless people from the area—some of whom were referred by the Neighbourhood Ministry—as well as those suffering from mental illness. Volunteers at Dunbar serve dinner on the weekends and offer four annual seasonal celebrations for the residents.

NM Pix 2On Monday August 6, BC Day, NM volunteers hosted a seasonal BBQ celebration. The event began with a prayer, after which more than 50 residents were served traditional BBQ fare, which included beef, salmon and veggie burgers, hot dogs, sausages, an assortment of salads and casseroles and, most importantly, a selection of home-made desserts and fruit.

NM volunteers provided food, assisted with on-site cooking, serving, set-up and take-down. Along with the delicious food, residents especially enjoyed the opportunity for fellowship and conversation with the volunteers during the 3-hour event.

A special thank-you to volunteers Karen Cooke, Jane Davis, Jane Dunlop, Louisa Farrell, Irene James, Marian Slater, Patrick Stewart and Shirin Theophilus who made the event a success.

In addition to the special seasonal events, NM volunteers also offer one-on-one assistance throughout the year, which range from accompanying residents to medical appointments to pastoral care.

The Neighbourhood Ministry also contributes funding toward a breakfast program for Dunbar residents.

To learn more about NM volunteer opportunities at Dunbar or to participate in dinner service or seasonal activities, contact Joan Stewart via email at

Photos: Joan Stewart

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